About Geffrey van der Bos

Hi, I'm Geffrey, a product manager and designer with an interest in music and technology.  Throughout my career, I've honed my skills in product design and technology, enabling me to craft user experiences that are both effective and beneficial for businesses.

Currently, I'm part of the team at Comecer Netherlands. Here, I contribute to improving our existing software while simultaneously spearheading the development of a user-friendly radiopharmacy workflow platform. My role necessitates understanding intricate tech specifics and users' needs alike, serving as a conduit between our software's current state and our envisioned future.

Previously, at the startup called Kaios.ai, I led a team of engineers and data scientists in developing artificial intelligence models to help manage infrastructure resources like traffic signs and buildings. This exciting venture further enhanced my abilities to lead innovative projects from the very beginning.

I began my design career at Bitfactory GmbH, where I focused on human-centered design for diverse challenges. My responsibilities ranged from facilitating design workshops and conducting user research to coordinating with stakeholders for UX/UI standards and designing user-focused interfaces.

I studied at Hanzehogeschool Groningen, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Communication. The course endowed me with vital skills in communication, understanding diverse cultures, leadership, and strategic thinking, underpinned by insights into economics and marketing.

When I have free time, I enjoy exploring cutting-edge technologies and consumer products, especially those with the potential to shake up the music industry. I stay abreast of developments in areas like Web3, AI, and AR/VR. This blend of personal interest and professional curiosity stokes my ambition to reshape the way we interact with and appreciate music.

On a personal note, I share my life with my beloved wife, Julia, a brilliant illustrator hailing from Russia with a talent you can witness here. Our journey has taken us from our home countries to Germany and now the Netherlands. Together with our Shiba Inu, Loki, we've crafted a vibrant multicultural home that enriches our life and work experiences.


My sincere thanks to @ankteckningar and @EpiphanicSynchronicity for their proofreading assistance.

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May the song you're currently jamming to be the absolute best. ♥