Here's what's happening right now:

Listening to: My current musical journey is taking me through the realms of avant-garde and progressive black metal. Morkera's "Entangled Excavations" and "Triangle" by Schammasch has been particularly captivating, and I've found myself revisiting old Emperor albums. The complexity and intensity of this genre is a fascinating exploration that's worth delving into.

Reading: I'm currently engrossed in "Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The concept of achieving a 'flow state', mental training, and visualisation intrigues me. It has opened new avenues of understanding about meditation and its impact on our lives.

Work: I continue my work with Comecer, developing a software suite that promises to be a game-changer. I am also doing product discovery for my passion project, Vanaheim, a band management software that I hope will make lives easier for music industry professionals.

Loki: Our Shiba Inu pup Loki is growing up fast and going through a tumultuous puberty phase. He's become quite reactive, but my wife, Julia, and I are dedicated to helping him navigate through this stage. Training a dog is quite a challenge, but we're confident we can keep him focused.

Living: We're still nestled in the north of the Netherlands, but we're contemplating a move closer to the country's center. It's time we looked for a home that's a bit more urban.

Podcasts: Recently, I've been engrossed in the story of Spotify's rise and the evolution of music streaming. It's fascinating to see how technology has reshaped the music industry. They tell a really nice story on the Spotify: A Product Story podcast.

Personal Knowledge Management: I continue to be captivated by personal knowledge management. I've been using Obsidian and a custom Zettelkasten method to learn and improve professionally.

Task Tracking: After much experimentation, I've returned to using Things 3 for my task tracking. The simplicity and structure it offers have convinced me to leave the plaintext approach behind.