What I'm up to, now

Lately, my days have been a blend of professional pursuits and personal projects. Here's a glimpse into what I've been up to:

Continuing Professional Journey in Radiopharmaceuticals
My role as a software product owner at a radiopharmaceutical company remains at the core of my professional life. Balancing the complexities and challenges in this field keeps me engaged and continuously learning.

Diving Deep into Musicology and Technology
I'm delving into research papers on music technology and absorbing as much as I can. These findings are meticulously organized into my Personal Knowledge Management system that consists of Zotero and Obsidian, enriching my understanding and appreciation of the subject. (One day, I'll publish my Obsidian notes.)

Launching a Blog on Plain Text
I've recently embarked on a journey to share my passion for plain text through a blog. This project stems from an open-source idea I've been nurturing for a while. The blog is more than just a platform for my thoughts; it's an invitation for others to contribute and explore the magnificent uses of plain text.

Considering a Move Near Amsterdam
On a personal front, my family and I are toying with the idea of moving closer to Amsterdam. While living in the city isn't our preference, the convenience of being able to zip into Amsterdam for dinner appeals to us. We are city people.

Expanding My Website as a Personal Hub
I'm also in the process of transforming my website into a more comprehensive hub. It's a space that reflects all facets of my activities and interests. Although I'm fond of the Semplice theme, I'm mindful of how it can sometimes add a layer of complexity. And, I like my control.

Introducing a 'Uses' Page on My Website
To add more dimension to my website, I've introduced a 'Uses' page. Here, I share reviews and insights on the gadgets and software I'm currently using. It's a space where I give a peek into the tools that aid in my daily life and work.


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May the song you're currently jamming to be the absolute best. ♥