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Digital Assets

Task Breakdown Assistant

Apple Shortcuts and Things 3 (Apple products only!)

This Apple Shortcut, powered by OpenAI, converts daunting tasks into manageable steps in your preferred language. Made for Things 3, yet with a few modifications it can integrate with Todoist, Apple Reminders or any app that supports Apple Shortcuts, or copy to clipboard.

“Copyright in Music”

A printable poster that lists the common music copyrights

This poster provides a comprehensive yet concise overview of music copyrights, breaking them down into two main categories: compositions and sound recordings. It details six primary rights for composition and covers four major rights concerning sound recordings.

“In every note we take, a thought takes shape”

High quality wallpaper pack for desktop and mobile

Note taking isn't just about copying information. It's about developing ideas and arguments. Combining existing knowledge to create new insights. A great way to facilitate this is through a method called Zettelkasten. Find the Personal Knowledge Management movement to learn more.

Each piece in my collection is designed with insights from literature, expert advice, and my own insights. I'm totally open to requests and inspiration. Connect with me on Mastodon or Instagram. Enjoy browsing!

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The "pay-what-you-want" model is my way of making it accessible for everyone, allowing you to decide the price that reflects the value it brings to you. This model aims to make my creations accessible and affordable for everyone.

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