Fabian Heidelberg
Fabian worked with Geffrey on the same team

I'm thrilled to provide a glowing testimonial for Geffrey and his outstanding design work. Geffrey's expertise in user-centered design, coupled with his keen product strategy insights, is truly remarkable. His ability to balance aesthetics and functionality is evident in every project he undertakes.

Beyond his professional prowess, Geffrey's warm and witty personality makes collaborating with him an absolute joy. He's not only committed to enhancing his own skills, but he also actively uplifts those around him.
Geffrey's dedication to self-improvement and his unwavering pursuit of excellence make him a standout in the field.

Henrik Hertler
Henrik worked with Geffrey on the same team

Geffrey is absolutely fun to work with. He knows his way around people, he is good with the clients, does whatever it takes to help colleagues and gets things done. I would describe him as a really inspiring colleague, that is always willing to share best practices. Geffrey has the ability to work on multiple tasks and still be focused and deliver quality work. I highly recommend Geffrey as a Product Designer and would love to work together for some more years.

Varun Shrivastav
Varun worked with Geffrey on the same team

Working with Geffrey was an was an excellent experience. The design work was always of great quality and with deep insight into the end-users' mind. Geffrey was always ready for an exchange of ideas and quick to prototype ideas. All done with humor and cheer.

Michal Galeziowski
Michal worked with Geffrey on the same team

I have collaborated with Geffrey on several projects, and I can honestly say that he is one of the most exceptional professionals I have ever encountered. His dedication to customer success is a skill he has truly mastered, setting him apart from others.

Geffrey's responsible and personal approach to the projects he works on is a testament to his genuine passion for his craft. This makes him a true professional and a valuable asset to any team. If I were to establish my own company, Geffrey would be the first person I'd want on board.

His professionalism extends beyond his own domain, influencing all aspects of his work, not just those related to technology. Geffrey is an exceptional listener and a source of creative ideas, with broad knowledge in various aspects of technology, design, and other related topics. He is always open to suggestions and welcomes new perspectives.

I foresee great success in Geffrey's future career, and I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with him continuously or to collaborate with him again in the future.


Sally Amin
Geffrey was senior to Sally but didn't manage Sally directly

I got the pleasure to work under Geffrey’s supervision for a year at Bitfactory. He has been of great influence to my learning experience as I get introduced to User Interface Design, and to the tech industry.

Geffrey is a very eager learner himself and is always seeking knowledge - a way or another - which I find truly inspiring. For years he had worked hard on gaining all sorts of information and experience from all resources available to him when it comes to software engineering and technology, which in my opinion gives him a great edge as a Product Designer, and makes him a truly valuable asset to any cross-functional Scrum team. He is very knowledgable and committed to the best practices when it comes to UX design and makes sure only the best scenario is implemented. In other words, he brings the best of both worlds - Tech and Design.

It should also be praised how he has got a hands on mentality that I've personally learned a lot from. When in need, Geffrey creates his own solution. Which sparks the sense of ownership in both work related and personal projects.

As a leader, he watches closely and caters to his colleagues’ learning needs and experience, and is very happy to pass on all the knowledge he has. He is also very open to constructive feedback which makes working with him an enriching two-way experience. He is very loyal to his workplace and everyone he works with. He is a visionary at heart, and his high EQ allows him to find his voice with clients from all different backgrounds, which is a very crucial quality in a successful Designer.

In addition, being with Geffrey on a daily basis in the workplace is truly fun, as he always brings great humor and positive spirit to everyone around. I’m very grateful that Geffrey has chosen me to work with him and become a part of the Bitfactory family, and I definitely look forward to more learning and collaboration in the future.

Pranjal Singh Rajput
Pranjal worked with Geffrey on the same team

I worked alongside Geffrey in the same team at Kaios.ai. I really cherished the time when we worked together. He was one of the nicest guys on our team, who knew the right balance to have productivity and fun in the workplace at the same time.

He is the go-to person, with whom you can freely share your professional as well as personal stuff. Besides this, he is a pragmatic, customer focussed, and result-driven individual.

One thing that I like about him is his inquisitive nature, the way he keeps himself up-to-date with the latest industry trends, standards, and best practices, and also motivates his peers to do the same.

His good communication skills and diverse experience in different IT domains make him a great asset to any organization. Without any doubt, Geffrey is one of the best colleagues I have ever worked with. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.


Arkajit Bhattacharya
Arkajit worked with Geffrey on the same team

I have worked under Geffrey as a Software developer in Kaios for a period of 9 months. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to any organisation. During this period of 9 months, he constantly demonstrated his technical and communication skills as a Product owner and a scrum master.

His down to earth personality helped us to approach him without any hesitation.
He has this great quality to focus on resolving issues and impediments to the progress of the team, and to make sure that all the issues are resolved within the stipulated time.

He is a strategic thinker with a strong focus on what the customer needs. He introduced the way of scrum to the company and how to efficiently use it. He is detail oriented and have the tendency to ask the right questions and to make sure we are building the right product.

He trusted his team and took care of all their needs in terms of time, resources and information. It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Geffrey for any lead position. I am confident that he will be a great addition to your organisation. You may feel free to contact me at arkajitb@gmail.com if I can be of any further assistance.

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